Digital Dermatology Hospital

The world's first widely deployable dermatology AI.

The Digital Dermatology Hospital is the world’s first widely deployable dermatology AI. It can be used for triaging or diagnostic screening in hospital and clinic systems, exponentially increasing detection rates and saving countless lives.

Developed for both clinical and consumer use
Identifies over 700 skin conditions
Supports both dermatoscopes & smartphone cameras
Automated clinical workflows and triage process
End-to-end solution; from initial diagnosis to continued care

The Benefits

Empower all aspects of patient care

Unlock value to patients, clinicians and organizations by transforming the inefficient and traditional clinical process with layers of advanced AI diagnostics, seamless connectivity, and sophisticated communication, coordination and confirmation.

For Patients

Platforms optimized & tested by top institutions. Process more data and leverage the best combination of algorithms.

For Physicians

Patients gain access to convenient remote care, accelerated diagnosis results, and unrestricted access to leading specialists and information, while establishing enhanced and continuous communication with healthcare providers.

For Organizations

Organizations will be transformed by streamlining processes in a central management platform that evolves productivity, connectivity, coordination, quality control, decision making, service delivery, and remote oversight.

Our Solutions

See AIP in action.

Smart, accurate, modern health service, even from your phone. AIP Labs products provide you with personalized and intelligent treatment that can prevent emerging diseases, provide more accurate diagnosis, and put you in control through its interactive features.

More convenient healthcare, with fewer doctors and reduced costs. Artificial Intelligence is the only real answer to the growing shortage of doctors worldwide and to the global challenges of healthcare.


The Platform

Diagnose patient conditions remotely through 6 easy steps

Allow patients to use their phones to submit photos of their skin conditions, using a proprietary AI engine to evaluate those photos and sending them through an expert-powered review pipeline in order to present clinicians with a validated assessment before they even look at the case file.

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Our Philosophy

Artificial intelligence saves lives

We aim to evolve a traditionally broken and backlogged system with comprehensive AI solutions to complement and optimize current clinical systems. We address a desperately critical need for a solution that effectively addresses the diminishing expert oversight as well as the increasing need for remote treatment.


AIPDerm creates a positive feedback loop between every aspect of care.

Better triage leads to better diagnosis
Better diagnoses leads to better treatment
Treatment monitoring leads to better triage

Platform Features

AI that can diagnose over 700 conditions

Our system will serve as an advanced expert-second-opinion to your local clinician to create the perfect pairing-system in optimizing patients’ current and future health – this system will provide significantly elevated confidence and convenience to both patients and clinicians.

Platform Features

Comprehensive database of skin information

The platform will provide you with the valuable and relevant information to help educate patients while arming clinicians with the best and latest global skin information at their fingertips - keeping the level of skin education & access at the highest levels in the world.

Platform Features

Instant and continuous advanced care

Empowered by a sophisticated AI and patient management system that drives instant and remote access to care while enabling the long-term tracking and optimization of patient's specific skin profile health - AI will revolutionize how patients' skin health can be monitored & maximized.

Platform Features

A robust pyramid matching-system

Connecting the right patient case with the relevant skill and level of doctor, ensuring that any complexity or severity of case gets the required level of attention while also optimizing the assignment of clinician's skill and time - prioritized & unneglected; no case should be misdiagnosed or diagnosed too late.


Advanced Diagnostics

AIPDerm identifies over 700 skin conditions representing over 95% of prevalence.

In approximately 70% of cases, clinicians using our advanced AI capabilities reported a significant increase in diagnostic accuracy and confidence.

Advanced Diagnostics

Powered by AIP Technology

We've built the first AI platform in the world to be integrated into the full social services for an entire country – Hungary – in collaboration with the most prestigious University and associated clinics in the nation.

Patient Assessments

Images Processed

Our Network

Research Partners

Our partners include some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, whom we empower with comprehensive AI solutions to significantly evolve their academic, clinical, and research capabilities. Together, our powerful pan-European partnership consortium will create a platform for unprecedented access to integration, data, research, publishing, validation, testing, collaboration and more.

Semmelweis University is a research-led medical school in Budapest, Hungary, founded in 1769. Its 250 years of tradition and unique focus on health care made it one of the leading universities of medicine.
01Semmelweis University

Industry Experts

What our Partners Say

Dr. Béla Merkley
Rector, Semmelweis University
Dr. Péter Holló
Head of Dermatology, Semmelweis University
Dr. Adrienn Poór, PhD
Dermatologist, Semmelweis University

AIPDerm is a safe and fast, cutting edge digital healthcare system backed by Semmelweis’ best dermatologists and a world leading artificial intelligence system.

The dermatology department receives several dozens of images daily across various platforms including instant messaging services and email, and from a wide spectrum of individuals, including patients, other derms, general practitioners, friends and family. These cases are very time consuming to answer and difficult to track, and channeling all these requests to AIPDerm has been a solution that not only saved significant time but also made it possible to triage and monitor cases and patterns over time, receive expert AI opinion, and redirect to other dermatologists seamlessly.

AIPDerm is a revolutionary innovation that combines traditional dermatological expertise with modern technology. Following extensive research work at Semmelweis University Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Dermatooncology, clinical validation of the application has started. We are confident that the digital decision support system will become available for more and more medical specialties in the future, thus improving health care and patient satisfaction.